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All the ways an expert immigration lawyer can help you
July 3, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Atlas Law Group
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Dealing with immigration requirements feels challenging for lots of reasons. First, it’s a notoriously challenging area of the law to navigate. It often changes from year to year, leaving those who are subjected to it feeling confused and out of their depth. Second, it’s a highly-charged legal topic that’s incredibly personal to the individual dealing with it. Using an expert immigration lawyer can help you tackle challenges, uncover mysteries, and secure a fighting chance of maintaining your presence in this country. At Atlas Law Group, we’re here to discuss why using an expert immigration lawyer in Mississauga, ON will work to your advantage.

Managing immigration paperwork

There’s no denying that immigration paperwork is a minefield. Many of our clients come to us because they’re reluctant to make a mistake that could see their application delayed or even denied.

If you choose to use our services, we’ll ensure you complete the right paperwork and provide appropriate evidence. Additionally, we’ll spot errors that could harm your case and file the papers in an order that speeds everything up. Using our expertise and your cooperation, you can bring yourself closer to securing the visa you need to remain in Canada.

Assisting when you’re convicted of a crime

Both immigration and criminal law overlap. Although your usual criminal lawyer may be adept at navigating their field, they may struggle with immigration. In contrast, an expert immigration lawyer will have a sound knowledge of criminal defence, but they'll bring their own necessary expertise to the table too. If you’re still in the process of securing your settled status, you’ll need the right legal counsel to ensure a criminal charge has minimal effect on your case.

Encouraging employers to move faster

One of the most frustrating scenarios we face as expert immigration lawyers involves encouraging employers to be cooperative. Completing an employment visa is a lengthy process and when your future employer isn’t cooperating as fully as they could it becomes even longer. The legal team at Atlas Law Group can liaise with your employer on your behalf, which then hastens your visa processing period.

Expert immigration lawyers settle marriage issues

One of the most contentious areas of immigration law is marriage. Many provinces, Ontario included, err on the side of caution when you marry a Canadian national. Unfortunately, scenarios such as a previous marriage that fell apart may result in them believing your current marriage is a scam. Similarly, if you separate or divorce close to the period where you would gain residential status, the authorities can make your visa difficult. As expert immigration lawyers, we can help you demonstrate the legitimacy of your nuptials and increase your chances of becoming a Canadian resident.

Navigating common immigration issues

Some of the immigration problems our clients bring to us are highly emotive and distressing. For example, if you find yourself being detained at a Canadian border or if someone you love is facing detention, it’s natural to feel stuck. Our empathetic and highly-skilled expert immigration lawyers will fight your case from the outside and bring you closer to regaining your freedom.

Similarly, we can manage issues such as student visa difficulties and humanitarian applications. Each member of our team understands that your case is time-sensitive. As such, we’ll act rapidly to produce the best results in the shortest amount of time.

At Atlas Law Group, our expert immigration lawyers are here to help you secure your rights. Before you assume that all hope is lost, speak with a member of our team. You can arrange an appointment by calling 905-502-8786.