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Choosing between a family law attorney & mediation
August 5, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Atlas Law Group
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When you’re trying to work your way through a family dispute, sometimes your discussions no longer prove useful. Usually, this is the case when you or the other party resorts to arguing rather than finding a solution. As fallouts begin becoming more intense, you may decide to pursue a legal resolution.

Although it’s possible to resolve family disputes by going to court, you may find that the process is lengthy and costly. At Atlas Law Group, our family law attorneys provide services throughout the Mississauga area. If you’re currently trying to resolve a family dispute, you may want to learn more about the differences between going to court and using mediation.

Mediation is less formal

Using mediation to resolve a family dispute is less formal. It still delivers excellent results, but as participation is voluntary it can feel less antagonistic for both parties. This means both parties could maintain some aspects of their relationship as mediation arguably feels less stressful.

The voluntary nature of mediation means that people can also leave at any time too. If your dispute has escalated to the extent that you can’t achieve an amicable discussion with guidance, you may be better off using your family law attorney instead.

Going to court delivers solid solutions

One of the biggest perks that comes with going to court is that the judge’s decision is legally enforceable. You may find this particularly reassuring when you’re dealing with matters such as allocating assets following a death in the family or as part of a divorce. Although mediators can help you find solutions, you need to go through extra steps to create a legally enforceable agreement. Using a family law attorney may prove useful when trying to achieve this.

An area where mediation may be preferable to going to court is with child custody arrangements. Using a mediator usually means achieving faster results so any children involved don’t need to go through prolonged periods of stress. As mediation involves ensuring all parties are heard, you’re likely to reach an agreement that everyone agrees to for the sake of any children involved.

Mediation is more private than going to court

In the majority of cases, resolving matters in court means that the case and outcome become public. Most people won’t face scrutiny from the press in the same way as celebrities. However, you may not want your personal life to become public, especially when you’re navigating your way through your career.

In comparison, mediation means that the matter remains private. If there are elements of your family life or relationship that you would rather other people don’t hear anything about, this will work to your advantage. However, if this is your sole reason for choosing mediation, consider whether the public nature of court attendance is likely to matter much in the future anyway.

Both options still require legal advice

Although mediation tends to cost less and isn’t as formal as going to court, you shouldn’t enter into the proceedings without seeking legal advice. You’re still dealing with highly complex matters of the law, which only a family law attorney should deal with. If you’re going to get more out of the process, it’s advisable to seek legal advice from someone who’s able to guide you through the process.

At Atlas Law Group, our family law attorneys in Mississauga are adept at managing all types of family disputes. Whether you’re going through the separation process or you’re trying to make child custody arrangements that will benefit your children, we’re here to help. To make an appointment with a member of our team, call 905 502 8786.