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Can You Get a Fast Divorce in Toronto?

November 11, 2022

Many assume that they can get a divorce in Toronto within a matter of days. However, this is not the case. There are several steps involved in obtaining a divorce in Toronto, which can vary depending on the complexity of the divorce case. On average, It can take up to four months for your divorce to take effect from the time you file your Application for Divorce with the court.

This article will explain more of the timelines for fast divorce in Toronto.

Uncontested divorce in Toronto

An uncontested divorce in Toronto is a faster and simpler way to get divorced. Both spouses agree to the divorce, which is finalized without a trial. It takes between two to four months to get an uncontested divorce in Toronto. The time frame is based on both spouses agreeing to the divorce terms, including property division, child custody, and alimony.

Here are some timelines involved with an uncontested divorce in Toronto:

  • Divorce clearance certificate: This document is issued by the Central Registry of Divorce in Ottawa once a divorce is finalized and is required to remarry in Ontario. It usually takes a minimum of four weeks to receive.
  • Service of documents: The first step toward getting a divorce is serving your spouse with divorce papers. The service of documents can take one to three weeks if you have a process server deliver them for you.
  • Divorce hearing: If both spouses cannot agree on terms, their case will go to court, where a judge will decide about the divorce. It will then take two to four weeks for the divorce to be finalized.
  • Divorce certificate: This document is issued by the province of Ontario to show the divorce has occurred. It’s required to change your name or remarry, and it usually takes four to six weeks from the date of the Divorce Order.

Contested divorce in Toronto

If both spouses cannot agree on the divorce terms, their case will go to court. It’s typically more complicated and time-consuming than an uncontested divorce, as the judge must decide for the couple. Because of this, a contested divorce can take from six months to three years to resolve.

One of the most complex issues in a contested divorce is property division. In most cases, it will be divided evenly, but there can be disagreements over what is considered marital property and what is considered separate property.

Child custody can also be a complex issue in a contested divorce, as the parents may disagree on who will have custody of their children or how much child support will be paid. In addition, alimony can also be complicated as one spouse may want to receive alimony while the other may not want to pay it.

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