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Canada Immigration Lawyer Answers Questions on Deportation

May 2, 2023

Although it may not seem like the hot-button issue that it is in other countries, Canada does have its own deportation policies. Every year, people who had been living in the country are deported and forced to leave, and if it happens to you, it can quickly become overwhelming.

Immigration lawyers in Canada understand it can seem confusing. Some people don’t even understand why they’re being deported. This guide can help you understand the common causes of deportation in Canada and how the right lawyer can help you combat it.

Why do individuals get deported from Canada?

They enter the country illegally.

People have to go through the proper channels with the government to live in the country, and part of that process is determining whether that individual is deemed as inadmissible. The most common reasons for inadmissibility are criminality, health issues, security issues, financial concerns, or misrepresentation. Anyone who is deemed inadmissible but still tries to live here is doing so illegally. If they’re caught, they can be subject to deportation.

They have problems with their visas.

Even people who enter Canada legally can become subject to deportation if they aren’t careful with their visa status. Many people live here on work or study visas which permit them to live here legally for a designated period of time. If they continue to live here after that time has passed without obtaining an extension, they’re technically here illegally and could be forced to leave.

They committed a serious crime.

Both individuals here on visas and those who are permanent residents of Canada can be deported if they’re convicted of a crime that meets the definition of ‘serious criminality’ under Canadian law. Some of the criminal offenses that meet that definition are impaired driving due to alcohol or drugs, assault causing bodily harm, drug trafficking, and theft over $5,000. If convicted, the government can remove your permanent status as a resident.

How can an immigration lawyer in Canada help your case?

Understand your options.

No matter what the reasoning for your deportation case is, you always have options, and an immigration lawyer in Canada understands all of them. They can advise you on what the best route forward is for your specific case. The right attorney is highly trained in immigration law, and they likely have experience in cases very similar to yours.

Meet every deadline.

The deportation process can be a long, drawn-out one, and it’s filled with complicated paperwork and petitions you’ll have to fill out. Many of them come with specific deadlines you must meet along the way. It will likely take you much longer to fill everything out than it will your lawyer. They’ll expedite the process to ensure you're always on schedule.

Take some of the stress out of the situation.

Facing deportation is a situation most people want to avoid, and trying to navigate it yourself can quickly become anxiety-inducing. Having a good immigration lawyer in Canada by your side helps alleviate some of that stress. You can have confidence knowing you have a seasoned professional on your side and fighting for you every step of the way.

Are you facing deportation in Canada?

You don’t have to try and go through it alone. The team of legal experts at Atlas Law Group is here to help. With degrees and credentials from some of the world’s most prestigious institutions and decades of collective experience, we have the insights needed to give your case the best chance at a desirable outcome possible. You can learn more about our immigration services online, or contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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