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An immigration lawyer in Toronto's guide to immigration

July 12, 2021

Immigration is an arduous, prolonged process. However, with a good immigration lawyer in Toronto, navigating the immigration process will turn from traversing a minefield into a walk in the park. Luckily, with Atlas Law Group, our extensive industry knowledge and unparalleled credentials from the most prestigious institutions will be your greatest asset. Unlike competitors, we’re modern and embrace technology as a means to streamline all phases of the process.

Here’s what to expect with the Canadian immigration process:

Before you begin

Before you begin, and before you even hire an immigration lawyer in Toronto, anticipate giving every decision significant thought. Your life will be hinged on these decisions, so carefully weigh your options.

Firstly, research and decide where you’d like to live. Also, give ample thought to the immigration status you want to acquire. Will you enter as a student, worker, investor, business owner, or something else? Switching your status isn’t easy. It requires paperwork, stress, and time.

Lastly, assess your situation. You may be in a position to expedite this process and make it more painless. If you have a job offer from a Canadian employer or Canadian family members, for example, these things can work in your favor.

Evaluating your circumstances is critical. With Atlas Law Group, we take time to understand each clients’ unique situation and provide tailored, compassionate service.

How long does it take?

When considering immigration to Canada, there are multiple avenues and programs available. However, each route requires time.

In Canadian immigration, the processing time is how long it takes the authorities to receive your application and make a decision. This can range anywhere from a few months to two years. Generally, here’s what to expect:

  • Express entry: 6 months
  • Study permits: 1 to 2 weeks
  • Post-graduation work permit: 99 to 117 days
  • Permanent resident card: 13 to 24 days
  • Permanent residence: 12 months
  • Visitor visa: 12 to 27 days

Ultimately, there are innumerable variables that impact the length of this process. To expedite it as much as possible, a quality immigration lawyer in Toronto is critical.

The process

The difficulty of detailing this process stems from the fact that everyone’s situation is unique, which renders the process they navigate unique to them.

Still, during this process, anticipate continued correspondence with the immigration office, a background check, hidden fees each step of the way, and plenty of paperwork and documentation that you will have to both fill out and supply.

Also, you will likely be subjected to two tiers of screening, one on the provincial level and one on the federal level. The most common visas people apply for, and the visas it’s advisable for you to consider applying for, include:

  • Student visas
  • Working holiday permits
  • Young professionals permits
  • Permanent residency
  • Temporary foreign worker permits

It’s crucial to understand precisely what visa you’re eligible to acquire and what documentation you’ll need to produce. In the end, these processes require time and patience in abundance.

However, with Atlas Law Group, we’ll evaluate your circumstances and goals closely and with compassion so you obtain the perfect visa expeditiously with minimal pain or stress.

Contact us now for a consultation!

Whether you’re in the throes of the immigration process or about to start it, hiring an immigration lawyer in Toronto is imperative. Not only will an immigration attorney streamline the process, but they’ll also extricate and eliminate all the stress of immigrating. Luckily, at Atlas Law Group, we’re Toronto’s leading law firm. Unlike competitors, we’re modern and embrace technology as a way to enhance each client’s experience. Our commitment, credentials, and knowledge are unmatched. Contact us now for a consultation! With Atlas, immigration feels more like a holiday.

The Canadian flag raised and waving. With a good immigration lawyer in Toronto, you'll feel right at home in Canada.