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Why you need a lawyer for mortgage enforcement proceedings

January 12, 2022

If you are going through mortgage enforcement proceedings, failing to hire a real estate attorney is as good as surrendering. However, understanding the value lawyers add to your defense is not always self-evident. Luckily, at Atlas Law Group, we’re the leading firm in the GTA area, and we predicate our modern legal services on innovative technologies and decades of collective experience.

Here is why you need a mortgage enforcement lawyer:

Forming your argument

During mortgage enforcement proceedings, lawyers are integral to formulating a sound defense.

Real estate lawyers have years of experience and training that help them understand the nuances of laws and precedents in ways a layman cannot, which is essential to constructing a sound legal argument.

For example, an argument could be that your servicer did not abide by necessary procedures, which would be monumental for your defense. However, it is difficult to understand those procedures and what constitutes adhering to them without ample training and expertise.

Every defense comes with unique circumstances, so there are no cookie-cutter solutions for you and your mortgage enforcement situation. Formulating a legal argument and identifying all opportunities is impossible without a real estate lawyer.

If you need a mortgage enforcement attorney, you are in luck. With Atlas group, you get a modern, dedicated legal team with a track record of success.

Court rules and proceedings

Another major obstacle during mortgage enforcement proceedings is courtroom experience. Courts operate with distinct rules. Failing to adhere to them undermines your defense.

The court process is impossible to understand without a lawyer's experience and training. An attorney can effortlessly navigate all aspects of courtroom proceedings, including constructing a legal argument, filing documents, following rules of evidence, and more.

The courtroom is their natural habitat, and this is second nature. Coherently, confidently, and effectively presenting evidence and advocating for you is a skill lawyers fine-tune over their careers, and only lawyers understand the bedrock of your defense and how to present it.

If you need a mortgage enforcement lawyer, Atlas is an unequaled, innovative firm that will maintain your peace of mind and keep your roof over your head.


Like all legal proceedings, mortgage enforcement proceedings are replete with paperwork. However, understanding what is required in documentation requires considerable training.

Failing to complete paperwork by the books can be dire. Legal paperwork is loaded with jargon, and deciphering it requires the astute, prudent, and discerning eye of an attorney to know precisely how to complete paperwork to best serve your case.

However, during these proceedings, you will be dealing with different types of paperwork. Another crucial benefit of working with a real estate attorney is they peruse all relevant mortgage documentation to find critical components to a successful defense.

For example, any errors made with your account could be a blessing in disguise when devising a defense, but mistakes are not always self-evident. It requires a trained eye and years of experience to home in on these mistakes.

Moreover, having a lawyer go through your mortgage contract is the only way to understand the legal parameters you are working within and what defense is available to you.

Get in touch now for all your legal needs!

Dealing with mortgage enforcement proceedings is stressful enough. However, attempting to endure these proceedings alone only compounds the stress. Failing to work with an attorney is often the ruin of a legal defense. Luckily, at Atlas Law Group, we are the GTA area’s leading law firm. As a modern firm, we embrace technology to streamline the legal process, and we boast degrees and credentials from the most prestigious institutions in Canada, the USA, and the UK. Get in touch now for all your legal needs!

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