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What can an immigration lawyer do for you? What to know.

June 30, 2022

Immigration is stressful. Unending paperwork, meetings with officials, and unrelenting scrutiny often make the process overwhelming. To make things worse, it’s also incredibly complicated and constantly changing. The complex nature of the process requires considerable expertise and extensive experience to navigate. If you are wondering what an immigration lawyer can do for you, here is everything you need to know:

What is an immigration lawyer?

Understanding what an immigration lawyer can do for you requires understanding what an immigration lawyer is. Immigration attorneys specialize in immigration law.

Immigration law is incredibly complex, and navigating it is overwhelming and intimidating, especially when ensuring you avoid making critical mistakes that could undermine your immigration status. Immigration lawyers offer legal advice, recommend practical action, help assemble evidence, write your application, and much more.

Immigration law constantly changes, and immigration lawyers interpret immigration law to help assess your rights and break down the process so you can devise effective strategies.

Areas of immigration law

There are innumerable areas of immigration law your attorney can advise you on because every immigrant has unique circumstances. A few areas an immigration lawyer can help you in include:

  • Nationality
  • Worker visas
  • Student visas
  • Applications
  • Sponsor arrangements for companies that want to employ workers from abroad
  • Criminal convictions
  • Entrepreneur and investor visas
  • Naturalization
  • Deportation
  • Family and partner visas
  • And much more

What can an immigration lawyer do for you?

Immigration lawyers train specifically to help with immigration law, and their job consists of supporting individuals and organizations through the complex immigration process. Here are some situations that require an immigration attorney:

Criminal conviction

If you are applying for a visa but have a criminal record, you need an attorney. Applications require disclosing your entire criminal record, including dropped and expunged charges, and lawyers know how immigration and criminal laws intersect.

Application denial

If the government has ever denied an application, a lawyer can determine why they denied it, whether you can make an appeal, and whether you should reapply later.

Previous deportation

If Canada has ever deported you or denied you entry, you need an immigration lawyer. Depending on the reason, this can result in a permanent ban from future applications. An attorney can determine your status and advise you on what to do.

Unreasonable wait time

If you are waiting for an unreasonably long time during the application process, you need an immigration lawyer. They have extensive experience with the process, understand deadlines and expected wait times, and can help acquire expedited processing if necessary.

Terminated marriages

If you were married to a Canadian citizen but the marriage was terminated before you could remove certain conditions from your resident status, you need an attorney.

Applications based on marriage are jointly filed, so it can be difficult to prove your marriage was not fraudulent. Moreover, if you want to change your current status and are recently divorced, a lawyer can prove your marriage was legitimate to retain your resident status.

Contact us to learn what an immigration lawyer can do for you.

As an immigrant, your legal status often feels tenuous at best. Understanding what is permissible and what is not requires an acute understanding of immigration law, which is impossible without years of training. Fortunately, at Atlas Law Group, we have been the premier immigration law solution in the Greater Toronto Area since 2014. We utilize technology to streamline the process and predicate our unparalleled service on collaboration, compassion, commitment, and degrees and certifications from the most prestigious institutions in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Book a consultation to learn what our immigration lawyers can do for you.

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